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ABC has these newly printed T-shirts in black and white! All sizes available! We are currently only  accepting cash or check donations of $10-20. Buy one now!



Shoot us an email after your donation is complete with your prefered t-shirt size, whether you want white or black, and your shipping address if different from your billing address.

We currently plan to donate profits from t-shirt sales to our friend and comrade Sekou Kambui, who was recently released to a halfway house in Alabama and is in need of financial support!


Thanks for all your support!

Houston ABC

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Please help the family of a man murdered by Denver Police!

The Go Fund Me we have included  has detailed information on this horrific murder. We hope that anyone who can contribute to help this man’s family will give what they can!

“On July 2, 2014 20 year old Ryan Ronquillo was repeatedly shot by Denver Police in the parking lot of the Romero Family Funeral Home in Northwest Denver during a funeral service….Police allege that they were in the process of serving a warrant for “auto-theft and other felonies”, and that Ryan “started to back the car in the direction of officers”. Statements from witnesses are at odds with the police statements. Witnesses at the scene desribe a horrific chaotic mess …

Police claim that they had been following him all day in an effort to serve the warrant. They claim that they chose the funeral, where dozens of people, including many small children were in attendance, because it proved “tactically beneficial”. In the end, instead of a peaceful arrest anywhere else, people who were already in the process of mourning one lost youth had to witness the murder of another.”

No Impunity For Murderous Police! Justice for Ryan Ronquillo!



Donate and read more here:

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Political Prisoner Radio Interview with Former POW Sekou Kambui


Hello all!

We are still in shock that Sekou Kambui is now transitioning out of the prison system and into the so-called “free” world. It has been a little over two weeks now, and Sekou is already working with the local and national community against oppression by sharing his story. He has recently done an interview with Political Prisoner Radio (he is now a former political prisoner!!!!). Please check it out if you have a chance, it is well worth the listen!

<3 Houston ABC

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You’re not gonna believe this!

Today was Sekou’s parole hearing, and guess what?!?!?! He wasImage

We will post more details once we have them. Thanks to EVERYONE who supported Sekou in any way you were able.

<3 Houston ABC

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Last Chance to Sign Petition for Parole for Sekou Kambui!

Hello all!

Sekou’s parole hearing is less than a week away (June 18th). That means we only have a few days left to gather petition signatures for his parole. It is clear that signing a petition is no revolutionary act, but in this circumstance Sekou really needs our support! He has written this petition himself and knows that the more popular support he has, the more pressure will be placed on the parole board. Please sign this petition and share it with as many people as you can in the next few days leading to his parole. You can find more information on him at


You can also send in hand written petitions to his defense team at:

Finally, please take note of the previous post with details about the call-in scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, 16th and 17th, to put a little extra pressure on the parole board for Sekou.

Thanks to everyone for all of the support around this cause. Free all PP and POW!

until there are no more prisons,

Houston ABC

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Sekou Kambui Parole Date Set (6/18) and Call-In!!!


Sekou Cinque T.M. Kambui (s/n William J. Turk) is a New Afrikan political prisoner currently serving two consecutive life sentences for crimes he did not commit. Sekou has already spent twenty years of his life behind bars on trumped up charges of murdering two white men in Alabama in 1975. For those who want more information, please visit the Denver ABC website where they have more information about Sekou here:

Anyone who supports or is willing to support Sekou Kambui:
On the Monday and Tuesday before his parole hearing (June 16th and 17th), people all over the country will be calling in to the following numbers to support Sekou in his parole efforts. Please reach out to the Alabama Board of Pardons and Parole at one of the following numbers:
General: 334-353-8067
Legal Division: 334-242-8711 

You could also send an email to the following address for the executive director of the board of pardons and paroles:

Finally, you could fax to: 334-353-1157.

Here is a link for the Alabama Pardon and Paroles website (

Sample Script

Please add any information that is personal or relevant at your discretion.

“Hi, I was calling with regards to the upcoming parole hearing for Sekou Kambui, also known as William Turk, inmate number 113058A. I am calling to request that Sekou be granted parole. He has served over 40 years for a crime that no evidence ever conclusively linked him to. In fact, many of those who testified against him have since come forward stating they were coerced to do so. This is a great injustice and Sekou should be allowed to live the rest of his days in peace. Again, please grant parole to Sekou. This may be his last chance. Thank you.”

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The fight to Free Pastor David Vasquez continues


June 6th, 2014

9:00am – Court Hearing, 232nd, 16th floor, Public
11:00am – Press Conference and Rally

Harris County District Attorney
1201 Franklin Street

Too often, we hear it said in our community, “if they are in a detention center, it must be for a good reason.” Not often enough do we ask ourselves, why are they being detained and do they really deserve it?

“They did it to themselves.” These are often the words that family members hear when they go to ask for help for their loved ones when they are detained or being deported. However, once we begin to dig into the actual working of the system, we realize that there are many steps to the deportation pipeline and the first step is often the poor assistance of counsel and the raw deals that immigrants get from the District Attorney’s office.

That is the situation that Pastor David Vasquez finds himself in as well as thousands of documented and undocumented immigrants who face this issue every year when they are stopped and arrested for minor charges.

Join the family of Mr. Vasquez and supporters of both criminal justice and immigrant rights as they gather outside the office of the Harris County District Attorney and call for the respect of the constitutional rights of not only Mr. Vasquez but all immigrants who face deportation or detention due to minor criminal charges. It is time for the immigrant rights community to drop the shame and self-blame for not being able to afford good lawyers, and instead close the gap between the fight for “criminal justice” and the fight for “immigrant rights.”

Pastor Vasquez is a civil and human rights leader who took part in a mass hunger strike at Joe Corley Detention Center last march and is still working with men at the detention center. He is currently attempting to reopen his case with the District Attorney in order to receive a chance at a fair trial.

It is not too late to sign the petition for Pastor Vasquez:

Also please CALL IN to voice your support of Pastor David Vasquez:

1. Call Texas State Senator Sylvia Garcia:  (713) 923-7575

2. Call Texas State Senator Rodney Ellis: (713) 236-0306

Suggested call script: “Hello. I am calling in support of Mr. David Vasquez and to urge your office to take action to help stop his deportation. Mr. Vasquez is a victim of  inadequate assistance of counsel from his previous attorney and is now trying to reopen his case. Thousands of immigrants suffer from this every year and they need the support of our political leaders in order to protect their right to due process and a fair trial. As a concerned member of our community, can I count on your office to make a call and write a letter to the Harris County District Attorney to support Mr. Vasquez’ motion to reopen his case?”

3. Call the office of Texas State Senator John Whitmire: (713) 864-8701

Suggested call script: “Hello, I am calling in support of Mr. David Vasquez to thank you for the work your office has done to call attention to his case. I am also calling to urge the Senator’s office to take leadership in helping him re-open his case. Mr. Vasquez is a victim of  inadequate assistance of counsel from his previous attorney and is now trying to reopen his case. Thousands of immigrants suffer from this every year and they need the support of our political leaders in order to protect their right to due process and a fair trial. As a concerned member of our community, can I count on Senator Whitmire to take a leadership role in supporting the case of Pastor David Vasquez as well as the right of immigrants to a fair and just trial?”

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