This is late getting to the blog, but if you don’t follow us on Facebook or aren’t on our support member list, you may not have seen this!

ABC is at a critical moment! Recent changes have left us with only one member based in Houston, and we’ve been struggling for a while to keep the group fully functioning due to various issues in collective members’ lives. Regardless, we’re working hard to keep our important prisoner support work going. We’ve received lots of help in the past year from our amazing support members, and we hope that there are folks out there interested in maintaining ABC.

Our plans include:

– Regular letter writing/open collective meeting times so it’s easier for folks to get involved on Tuesdays 6-8 pm at Solidarity Houston!
– Finally releasing our newsletter of writings and art from incarcerated folks
– Expanding our zine catalog and focusing on sending literature out (we’ll be sending out a call to zinesters for contributions soon!)
– Collaborating with Austin ABC to expand our Queer Prisoner Pen Pal Project
– Collaborating with the amazing folks at Houston IWOC

If any of this interests you, or you have your own ideas, hit us up! We hope that by reaching out, we’ll be able to keep ABC going.

See you at our next meeting!



Email with any questions!: houston_abc@riseup.net

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