June 11th 2017 – International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason & Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners

June 11 is the international day or solidarity with Marius Mason and all long-term anarchist prisoners! We will be screening If A Tree Falls (2011), writing letters and cards of support to anarchist prisoners and selling vegan tamales at a sliding scale to raise money for Marius! For more information on this see https://june11.noblogs.org/.

Children are very welcome and Solidarity Houston has a children’s corner with books, crafts, and games.

Solidarity Houston is wheelchair accessible space through the front entrance, and has one gender neutral wheelchair accessible bathroom (does not have an accessibility bar). The space is not currently scent free. Service animals always welcome, non-human animal companions are welcome as well. If you have any other accessibility needs or questions, please email us at houston_abc@riseup.net!

Parking is in the back of the space, along the train tracks. We recommend you don’t park in the Mi Charro lot, as they are known to tow people, but if you need an accessible space to park make sure you don’t park in a marked spot. Bikes can come into the space. The new green line of the metro rail has a stop right in front of the space, for those using public transportation.

RSVP on Facebook! Come through and bring friends!

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