Resources and Autonomous Relief in Houston after #Harvey

  • note: this map shows areas of inner-loop (within the 610 freeway) as ‘heavily affected areas’, but actually, most of those are very wealthy condos where there may have been some flood damage but most residents live up on higher floors. The map hanging at West Street Recovery tracks flood damage and notes which damaged areas are working class / poor, and which are wealthy and being supported. While this map is easier to use and will update, take it critically.
NOAA Satellite Imaging of Flooding from Harvey

  • Note: this is not accurate as of today, but it was at the height of the storm. water has receded.
Crowdsourced Houston Muck Map:

Houston Poverty Map

  • note: difficult to use, funded by shell

Where to send money to get to people directly:

Legal Resources for Homeowners from the Texas State Law Library

Understanding Houston for Out of Towners:

Anarchism and Disaster Response

  • Scott Crow (Common Ground Collective)  on Revolutionary Infrastructure
  • Gulf South Mutual Aid (Indigenous Led) – has excellent list of resources and supplies.
  • Welcome to Houston (This Is Not Katrina) – very well researched and i strongly recommend reading it no matter whether or not you’re from here
  • I Can’t Stand the Rain – analysis of why capitalists love our mutual aid efforts in Houston right now
    • We saw a lot of volunteers out there. People just wanting to help. The State was hardly present from what we could see. It was armies of good people helping because they could. […] the State itself was doing little to help the disadvantaged people. And you can bet your ass they weren’t hitting the poor areas first.What kills us all is that as we heard businesses were opening up their property for the “new homeless.” The capitalists will get teary-eyed at the gesture. But what of the homeless prior to nature forcing the middle class out into the streets? What about the homeless after all this water dries up and insurance pays for new homes? […]

      The opening of businesses to the people is exactly what revolutionaries have been trying to do for as long as we can remember. The concept of private property kills en masse every day. But today, capitalists are abolishing private property, and everybody is loving it. The systems they fight aggressively to prohibit, they are using today and it’s sparking pride in their community and hope for people. Nothing new to those who understand revolutionary struggles though. Further, what is the State’s heavy equipment and aviation but permissions from above to open up their private property to the people. There’s no way to convey to the average person that we could all be in charge of our own lives if property was completely abolished – as they were witnessing. Would this gas station let a muddy person sit at this table if he was in need but there was no storm? Would a furniture store let in droves of homeless without a storm? Would helicopters rush people to the hospital without a storm? We all know the answers to these questions.”

  • Why Houston Floods & Will Keep Flooding and who is disposable

Practical Skills

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