Captive Voices

This project is a revival of the Captive Voices newsletter, a collection of art and writing by incarcerated folks. Until our editor, Carl Horne, has access to a typewriter again (soon!), Houston ABC will compile and edit submissions as we’ve done with the first issue. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, so please send anything you want to be publish to us. Drop us a line if someone you know would like to be put on the list to receive the newsletter, or if you have any comments, questions, or critiques. You can find PDFs of all issues below.

Issue 1, April 2017

Captive Voices 1 (pdf, print and read)

Note: One of the featured writers in this issue is Shawn Jordan, and we are currently fundraising on his behalf for when he is released in September, please share and donate if you can!