Jail Support

Who We Are

This jail support line is a project of Houston ABC and friends.

We operate this jail support line as a feminist act of care and solidarity. We extend jail support to people arrested at protests and actions. We are anarchists, committed to stronger communities of care and resistance to the police, prisons, capitalism, patriarchy and white supremacy. We refuse to let the state kidnap our friends for struggling for a better world.

The jail support line minimizes the trauma that the state inflicts through arrest by taking care of arrested people’s logistical and medical needs, communicating with the arrested people’s support network and legal team, and raising money for their release.

***HOUSTON JAIL SUPPORT LINE: (281) 543 – 8148***

Building Resistance  

To get involved, email houston_abc@riseup.net. If you want us to train your group to do jail support, also email us.

Request us to do jail support for your action.

If you would like us to do jail support for your event, please email us (or use the form below) ahead of time. Don’t call the number (281-543-8148), because the phone is off unless needed.


Request the line!