Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton’s Cafeteria

Houston ABC, Rice Left and Rice Queer Resource Center present a screening of Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton’s Cafeteria  on March 9, 2016.
Screaming Queens chronicles the events leading up to and following the riots against police harassment at Compton’s Cafeteria in 1966. This is one of the first trans riots in the US and predates the famous Stonewall riots by approximately 3 years.

The event is free and open to the public.

Where: Rice Cinema 2030 University Blvd, Houston, TX 77005 (
When: Food and reception at 6:30PM , Film begins at 7PM

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Ghosts of Attica Screening with IWW

Sunday February 28, 1 PM, @ Solidarity Houston 6733 Harrisburg Blvd, Houston, Texas 77011

The Houston chapters of Anarchist Black Cross and Industrial Workers of the World Houston present Ghosts of Attica, a film that documents the Attica prison rebellion, and a short discussion following the screening. This will be a potluck, so please bring food if you can!

Those driving to the event can park behind SH along the train tracks, and bikes can come into the space!

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Former Political Prisoner Sekou Kambui in Desperate Need of Financial Assistance!

Houston Anarchist Black Cross is posting this on behalf of formerly incarcerated political prisoner Sekou Kambui. You can find a letter from Sekou at the bottom of this text which explains the reasons for which he needs financial support.

Please visit the GoFundMe to support Sekou (

To give you a bit of background regarding Sekou, Sekou was unjustly imprisoned for 40 years for crimes he did not commit and for which there was absolutely no evidence against him other than coerced testimony from individuals who subsequently recanted their statements. The judge refused to allow the recanted statements to be stricken from Sekou’s record.  Sekou was released from prison less than 2 years ago on parole. Within less than a month of his release he was diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer. He had been complaining about feeling sick for months, but the prison medical officials told him it was just a low level of iron.

Throughout the 1960’s, Sekou participated in the Civil Rights movement, organizing youth for participating in demonstrations and marches across Alabama and providing security for meetings of the Southern Christian Leadership Council (SCLC), Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), and the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). Sekou became affiliated with the Black Panther Party in 1967 in Chicago and New York. While in Detroit, he became a member of the Republic of New Afrika, before returning to Birmingham. Back in Alabama, Sekou coordinated community organizaton activity with the Alabama Black Liberation Front, the Inmates for Action (IFA) Defense Committee and the Afro-American People’s Party in the mid 1970’s. Sekou was also a soldier in the Black Liberation Army (BLA) during these years before his capture.

You can find more information about Sekou at

Houston Anarchist Black Cross received this letter from Sekou on January 28, 2016.

“June 30, 2014 to January 30, 2016
I’m over one & a half (1 & 1/2) years as a formerly incarcerated Political Prisoner!

Since August,  2014 I’ve been standing toe to toe in my fight with colon/liver cancer. Its been uphill in every way possible! Some days I struggle to breathe and must remain on or near an oxygen machine; some days I can’t walk but a few steps at a time before needing to pause to catch my breath. Yes! Uphill more than downhill–for days without end it seems!

The Government won’t permit me disability to help me financially. On top of this, the Government won’t permit me to work by  threat of discontinuing my age motivated SSI check. This is despite how inadequate it is to support me in paying my rent, utility, internet and food bills. I can’t purchase winter clothes even; I must stack on summer clothes my friends sent me to stay warm out doors during the colder days of winter.

I’m hurting quite severely financially and could use some donations from my friends, supporters, and anyone so inclined to make a monetary contribution to my survival. That is the motivation for this letter. $ 5,000 to 8,000 would carry me a long way to overcoming my debts, and putting me on solid ground financially speaking; helping me rid myself of debs I’ve accrued, and pay bills that need to be paid before someone decides debtors prison.

I must visit the hospital on a tri-mester basis for chemo treatments and to visit doctors to further my efforts to overcome congested heart failure, hypertension, and some degree of Hepatitis C. Add colon/liver cancer to spice up my life. Please consider making a donation to my support; this fight for my life demands much more of me than I am able to afford financially. Your financial contribution to my support will be appreciated very much! It will be received w/ gratitude and a huge smile of relief!

Respectfully yours,

Sekou Cinque Kambui”

Please visit the GoFundMe to support Sekou (
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Free The Move 9!

Houston ABC received the following letter from The Move Organization with updates on member’s of The Move 9’s parole. Please read the letter AND check out information on the petition to help these political prisoners at the bottom of this post!

move (_Page_1

move (_Page_2

For the full PDF of this letter please click here.

There were further updates as an insert in the letter, and it made sense to type those up:

The Parole Petition has been launched

You can go to the web site to sign the petition: There have been many signatures already we need a lot more. Cards are being made to promote the petition, if you want cards to hand out at events or in the communities, email at, or write: Illy Voxi Denver ABC ABC P.O. Box 1000277 Denver, CO 80250. (Tip: if you use your facebook account to sign the petition, it will allow you to invite all of your other facebook friends to sign it too!) Paper petitions are available for any person(s) or group who wants them. The signed petitions are being sent to U.S. Attorney General, Lorette Lynch. Enough signature can possibly get our case heard in federal court.

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Internationl Day of Solidarity with Trans-Prisoners

Join Anarchist Black Cross Houston for a night of solidarity with trans prisoners. “Trans Prisoner Day of Action on January 22nd is a day to acknowledge the experiences of trans and other sex and gender-minority prisoners. It’s about collaboration. It is about forging new relationships and dismantling the isolation of prison. It’s about resistance to state violence. It’s about solidarity between those who experience the violence of the system first hand and those for whom the state hasn’t come yet.” (

We will be screening the film Cruel and Unusual, a 2006 documentary about trans women’s experiences in prison, along with a few other short videos about incarcerated trans folks. This will begin about an hour into the event! There will be information about trans prisoners you can write to, like Texas trans prisoner Marius Mason who has started this day, along with the people in our ongoing Queer Prisoner Pen Pal Project.

Food/drinks and and an endless playlist of trans music will be provided!

Visit the official website for more details on the international day of solidarity:

Parking is behind Solidarity along the train tracks, and bikes can come into the space! The space is wheelchair accessible. Subtitles will unfortunately not be available for most of the videos, including Cruel and Unusual.jan23take2

#TransLivesMatter #BlackTransLivesMatter

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* Shoutout for Support: Amazon on Hunger Strike *

Amazon, a transfemale from Gender Anarky in prison in California, began a hunger strike the morning of October 7, 2015 for transfer to a women’s prison. Amazon is legally a female. In January 2015, Amazon’s birth certificate was amended by the Office of Vital Records in Sacramento to record her sex as “female.” Under a new law signed by the governor, transexuals no longer need full sex-reassignment surgery to amend their vital records, but instead a doctor’s declaration of transition to reflect their current gender. Amazon accomplished this. She then applied for a transfer to a women’s prison. The prison required Amazon to present her new birth certificate. However, prison rules prohibit inmates from possessing birth certificates and Amazon asked the prison to verify the document with the Office of Vital Records. The prison refused to do so. Amazon then attempted to file a grievance over the issue, but she was again required to produce her birth certificate to pursue a grievance. This is an example of the notorious mind games that prison officials play on inmates to suppress legitimate issues and prevent them from seeking an administrative resolution of the problem.

Without other speedy recourse and thoroughly frustrated with the system, Amazon began a hunger strike. She has been trying since January to transfer and has been prevented unrealistically every step of the way by prison officials out of plain cruelty. She is under tremendous pressure, has anguished and cried. Almost daily she is mistreated by prison guards and inmates because of her female presentation, including sexual mistreatment. She remains determined and steadfast and will not stop her efforts and resistance, whatever it takes. Amazon is now 61 years of age and the stress and strain of hunger strike will be on her more than during her previous strike years ago. However, the last straw has given way and she is determined to stick it out and not begin eating again until she is issued paperwork for a transfer to a women’s prison. She will endure force-feeding if necessary, but this is her position.

Contact the warden of Kern Valley State Prison, Martin Biter, to inquire why he is keeping a legal female in a men’s prison against her will and why he won’t verify her legal gender on her birth certificate with the Office of Vital Records in Sacramento, and demand that Amazon be transferred to a women’s prison immediately. The phone number for Kern Valley State Prison is (661) 721-6300.

Send the same message to the Secretary of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Jeffrey Beard, at department headquarters in Sacramento. He can be contacted at (916) 323-6001.

Contact Amazon at:
Eva Contreraz #C45857
P.O. Box 5103
Delano, CA 93216

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Houston ABC needs new members

For the last 2+ years Houston ABC has done dynamic prison abolition work for Gulf Coast prisoners and beyond. We have done vital support work for prisoners in desperate need of connection, information, literature, financial support and campaigns to pressure prison systems that abuse them.

We are hoping to keep the ABC collective going because it’s very important work creating community with those behind bars, there are a number of people in prison who currently rely on us, and as activists we haven’t had the pleasure of having such immediate pay off for our work before or since. We hope that these reasons will be exciting and engaging to you as a member as well.

Our numbers have been dwindling lately due to members moving, getting new jobs, etc. and we are hoping to find new members to join ABC’s ranks. There are two ways you can be involved in ABC:

The first is as a Core Collective Member. This means you will come to regular collective meetings that take place every other week. You help make decisions that steer the collective and the work it undertakes. You regularly respond to prisoners letters. You help organize fundraisers and support campaigns. If you’re interested in joining as a core collective member please contact a current member you know, message us on facebook, or send us an email

The second is a new option for those who want to be involved but don’t have the time to commit. In this way you can be involved in ABC as a support member. This means you will let us know what types of tasks you can do, and when they need to get done we can contact you about your availability to take them on that time. If you’re interested in joining us as a support member please fill out this survey. And of course, you can always become a Core Collective Member as time permits.

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